The 29th International
Public Relations
Research Symposium

July 1 - 2, 2022

Reboot: Should Organizations Rediscover Communication with Internal & External Stakeholders?

With the successful completion of BledCom 2021, thanks to the active participation by speakers and audience members, we look forward with optimism that we will all be able to gather in person in picturesque Alpine Bled for the 29th International Public Relations Symposium (BledCom 2022) on July 1 – 2, 2022.  Many BledCom 2021 attendees had remarked how they wished they could be in beautiful Bled in person this year and we hope that will be realized next year, by which time it would have been three years since we last met in person.


Latest news

Invitation and instructions

We are only a few weeks from the 28th International Public Relations Research Symposium BledCom. This year’s edition will again be executed in digital format but there are some changes since last year that will improve your experience.

Statement of communication of Covid-19 pandemic

International Symposium BledCom, together with international professional and academic associations of public relations and communicators have launched a Statement on the Communication of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

BledCom signs an important international declaration

BledCom is the proud signatory of the International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World.


Registrations for this year are closed.


The theme for BledCom 2022 explores the “post-pandemic” phase of public relations and communication management by all organizations. Governments and non-profits had a much greater role during the pandemic vis-à-vis communication. So, we hope for a very interesting and lively discussion of lessons learned during the height of the pandemic as well as post-pandemic communication.



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