The 26th International Public Relations Research Symposium (BledCom) will be held on July 4, 5, & 6, 2019 in Rikli Balance Hotel (formerly Hotel Golf) Lake Bled, Slovenia.
Call for Papers for BledCom 2019: Trust and Reputation. BledCom is 26! What began as an annual gathering of scholars and practitioners in public relations and related disciplines to discuss contemporary communication and management problems has blossomed into what it is today. As the oldest conference in our field that is not affiliated with a professional or academic association, we have come much farther than we had expected in 1994! Read more here.



Public Relations and Communication Management in Europe: A nation-by-nation introduction to public relations theory and practice
Author: Betteke van Ruler, Dejan Verčič
Published: 2004

The book challenges the notion that public relations in Europe is no more than a copy of the Anglo-American approach. It presents a nation-by-nation introduction to historical public relations developments and current topics in European countries, written by noted national experts in public relations research and well-known professionals who are able to oversee the situation in their own countries. The contributions take an "insider" point of view and combine researched facts and figures with qualitative observations and personal reviews. In addition, the book provides conceptual statements that offer an insight into theoretical approaches.

Public Relations in Asia: An Anthology
Author: Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, Ed.
Published: 2004

Krishnamurthy Sriramesh' book describes the current status and structure of public relations in ten Asian countries. In addition, it attempts to link public relations practice in each country conceptually and empirically (where possible) with key variables such as culture, political system, level of economic development and activism. The epilogue discusses the need for making public relations education in Asia more multicultural and holistic. This book would also help readers to learn and understand the dynamics of public relations in Asia so that they have a more rounded view of the relationship between socio-cultural factors and public relations practice in the region.

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